Meet the Ladies of 'Preachers of L.A.'
Sep 23 2013

Meet the Ladies of 'Preachers of L.A.'
By Oxygen Editor
September 23, 2013

Preachers of L.A. may focus largely on the men behind the pulpit, but behind every great man is a great, beautiful woman! In this video, Pastor Wayne Chaney's wife Myesha talks about the instant chemistry between the couple, describing the "bubbles" in her stomach when they first met. The rest, of course, is history. After the jump, we meet Deitrick Haddon's fiancee Dominique, who talks about the instant "vibes" between them, and about Deitrick's amazing Pastor abilities. "Even if you feel like a nobody, he makes you feel like a somebody," she says. Aww...who knew preacher love could be so cute! Watch the videos!

Tune into the premiere of Preachers of L.A. October 9 at 10/9c!


Words of Wisdom from the Preachers (PHOTOS)

Q&A with Deitrick Haddon

From the Preachers Set: Dinner with the Chaneys

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