Pete Wentz Is Thinking About Getting Married Again
Jan 21 2014

Pete Wentz Is Thinking About Getting Married Again
By Oxygen Editor
January 21, 2014

Best Ink host Pete Wentz went on The Wendy Williams Show today to talk about the new season. Like all good talk show hosts, Wendy also got Pete to open up a bit about his private life, including the possibility of upcoming nuptials. 

Asked to shed light on his son Bronx's name, Pete explains: "Honestly, we just liked the name a lot and feel like the other boroughs, like Brooklyn, especially, get a lot of love. So we wanted to shout out to the boogie down." Queue wild applause.
But, you know Wendy, she did not stop at that. "So I know you were at one point married to Ashlee Simpson, Bronx's mother," says Wendy, flashing a picture of Pete with his new model girlfriend of three years. "Do you plan on getting married again?" 
"I think so, we talk about it a lot," answers Pete. "I feel really lucky. It's really interesting to be in a relationship with someone who's truly my best friend. I talk to her about everything." 
Sounds like a little Brooklyn is on the way!!
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